military machine

military machine
the military forces of a nation

their military is the largest in the region


the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker

Derivationally related forms: ↑militaristic (for: ↑military), ↑militarize (for: ↑military), ↑militarise (for: ↑military)
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activated, ↑armed, ↑unarmed, ↑armored, ↑armoured, ↑unarmored, ↑unarmoured, ↑accoutered, ↑accoutred, ↑expeditionary, ↑operational, ↑active, ↑combat-ready, ↑fighting, ↑effective, ↑nonoperational, ↑inactive, ↑regular, ↑absence without leave, ↑unauthorized absence, ↑pullback, ↑retreat, ↑standdown, ↑stand-down, ↑disengagement, ↑fallback, ↑pullout, ↑amphibious landing, ↑gun, ↑deactivation, ↑inactivation, ↑countermarch, ↑flyover, ↑fly-by, ↑flypast, ↑sortie, ↑troop movement, ↑war game, ↑militainment, ↑demonstration, ↑national service, ↑fatigue duty, ↑fatigue, ↑air cover, ↑military censorship, ↑umbrella, ↑logistic assessment, ↑drill, ↑manual of arms, ↑manual, ↑military training, ↑basic training, ↑military drill, ↑close-order drill, ↑square-bashing, ↑military action, ↑action, ↑battle, ↑conflict, ↑fight, ↑engagement, ↑blockade, ↑encirclement, ↑defense, ↑defence, ↑defensive measure, ↑electronic warfare, ↑EW, ↑operation, ↑military operation, ↑combined operation, ↑police action, ↑resistance, ↑maneuver, ↑manoeuvre, ↑simulated military operation, ↑combat, ↑armed combat, ↑campaign, ↑military campaign, ↑expedition, ↑military expedition, ↑hostile expedition, ↑mission, ↑military mission, ↑sally, ↑support, ↑reinforcement, ↑reenforcement, ↑attack, ↑onslaught, ↑onset, ↑onrush, ↑war, ↑warfare, ↑assault, ↑blitz, ↑blitzkrieg, ↑infiltration, ↑peacekeeping, ↑peacekeeping mission, ↑peacekeeping operation, ↑amphibious operation, ↑psychological operation, ↑psyop, ↑muster call, ↑military ceremony, ↑siege, ↑besieging, ↑beleaguering, ↑military blockade, ↑nuclear deterrence, ↑countermine, ↑occupation, ↑military control, ↑conscription, ↑muster, ↑draft, ↑selective service, ↑court-martial, ↑logistic support, ↑logistic assistance, ↑inter-service support, ↑air base, ↑air station, ↑armament, ↑armored car, ↑armoured car, ↑armored personnel carrier, ↑armoured personnel carrier, ↑APC, ↑arsenal, ↑armory, ↑armoury, ↑assault rifle, ↑assault gun, ↑attack submarine, ↑B-52, ↑barrack, ↑base, ↑base of operations, ↑battle dress, ↑billet, ↑bomber, ↑boot camp, ↑caisson, ↑camp, ↑encampment, ↑cantonment, ↑bivouac, ↑command post, ↑general headquarters, ↑GHQ, ↑commissary, ↑dressing station, ↑aid station, ↑dress uniform, ↑emplacement, ↑fatigues, ↑field hospital, ↑fighter, ↑fighter aircraft, ↑attack aircraft, ↑fire control radar, ↑fire control system, ↑full-dress uniform, ↑garrison, ↑fort, ↑gas shell, ↑guardhouse, ↑gun room, ↑half track, ↑hardware, ↑headquarters, ↑HQ, ↑military headquarters, ↑hospital train, ↑hut, ↑army hut, ↑field hut, ↑hutment, ↑latrine, ↑materiel, ↑equipage, ↑mess, ↑mess hall, ↑military hospital, ↑military installation, ↑military post, ↑post, ↑military quarters, ↑military uniform, ↑military vehicle, ↑minute gun, ↑naval installation, ↑shore station, ↑navy yard, ↑naval shipyard, ↑olive drab, ↑olive-drab uniform, ↑outpost, ↑personnel carrier, ↑picket, ↑platform, ↑weapons platform, ↑quartering, ↑reconnaissance plane, ↑reconnaissance vehicle, ↑scout car, ↑redoubt, ↑regimentals, ↑rocket base, ↑silo, ↑smoke screen, ↑smokescreen, ↑sniper rifle, ↑precision rifle, ↑tank, ↑army tank, ↑armored combat vehicle, ↑armoured combat vehicle, ↑transport ship, ↑troop carrier, ↑troop transport, ↑wardroom, ↑warplane, ↑military plane, ↑warship, ↑war vessel, ↑combat ship, ↑weapon of mass destruction, ↑WMD, ↑W.M.D., ↑weapons carrier, ↑sea power, ↑attention, ↑military capability, ↑military strength, ↑strength, ↑military posture, ↑posture, ↑firepower, ↑generalship, ↑military science, ↑tactics, ↑strategy, ↑commission, ↑military commission, ↑muster roll, ↑salute, ↑military greeting, ↑military intelligence, ↑pass, ↑liberty chit, ↑taps, ↑lights-out, ↑reveille, ↑wake-up signal, ↑drumbeat, ↑tattoo, ↑insignia of rank, ↑order, ↑call up, ↑briefing, ↑strategic warning, ↑tactical warning, ↑warning of attack, ↑warning of war, ↑chevron, ↑stripe, ↑stripes, ↑grade insignia, ↑damage, ↑equipment casualty, ↑battle damage, ↑combat casualty, ↑operational damage, ↑operational casualty, ↑casualty, ↑wound, ↑injury, ↑combat injury, ↑personnel casualty, ↑loss, ↑collateral damage, ↑trip wire, ↑Joint Chiefs of Staff, ↑Joint Chiefs, ↑command, ↑task force, ↑army unit, ↑army, ↑regular army, ↑ground forces, ↑naval unit, ↑navy, ↑naval forces, ↑coastguard, ↑Marines, ↑air unit, ↑air force, ↑airforce, ↑armor, ↑armour, ↑military service, ↑armed service, ↑service, ↑military unit, ↑military force, ↑military group, ↑force, ↑military reserve, ↑reserve, ↑Pentagon, ↑military police, ↑MP, ↑shore patrol, ↑company, ↑platoon, ↑rearguard, ↑wing, ↑echelon, ↑phalanx, ↑military academy, ↑naval academy, ↑air force academy, ↑drumhead court-martial, ↑military court, ↑provost court, ↑Defense Intelligence Agency, ↑DIA, ↑artillery, ↑artillery unit, ↑musketry, ↑battery, ↑cavalry, ↑horse cavalry, ↑mechanized cavalry, ↑infantry, ↑foot, ↑paratroops, ↑militia, ↑reserves, ↑home guard, ↑territorial, ↑territorial reserve, ↑National Guard, ↑home reserve, ↑standing army, ↑United States Army, ↑US Army, ↑U. S. Army, ↑Army, ↑USA, ↑United States Army Rangers, ↑United States Military Academy, ↑US Military Academy, ↑Army Intelligence, ↑AI, ↑Army National Guard, ↑ARNG, ↑military personnel, ↑soldiery, ↑troops, ↑friendly, ↑hostile, ↑horse, ↑rank and file, ↑rank, ↑commando, ↑contingent, ↑detail, ↑general staff, ↑headquarters staff, ↑high command, ↑supreme headquarters, ↑spearhead, ↑firing squad, ↑firing party, ↑military formation, ↑open order, ↑close order, ↑extended order, ↑sick call, ↑sick parade, ↑column, ↑chow line, ↑aviation, ↑air power, ↑martial law, ↑military law, ↑center, ↑flank, ↑head, ↑rear, ↑minefield, ↑field, ↑field of operations, ↑theater, ↑theater of operations, ↑theatre, ↑theatre of operations, ↑line, ↑line of battle, ↑salient, ↑battle line, ↑military position, ↑position, ↑staging area, ↑sector, ↑combat zone, ↑combat area, ↑war zone, ↑drop zone, ↑dropping zone, ↑West Point, ↑ensign, ↑adjutant, ↑aide, ↑aide-de-camp, ↑air attache, ↑army attache, ↑army engineer, ↑military engineer, ↑army officer, ↑bandsman, ↑brass hat, ↑cadet, ↑plebe, ↑captain, ↑skipper, ↑chief of staff, ↑chief petty officer, ↑colonel, ↑color bearer, ↑standard-bearer, ↑combat pilot, ↑commander, ↑commanding officer, ↑commandant, ↑ranger, ↑commissioned officer, ↑commissioned military officer, ↑commissioned naval officer, ↑commodore, ↑defense contractor, ↑deserter, ↑defector, ↑desk officer, ↑draftee, ↑conscript, ↑inductee, ↑drill master, ↑drill instructor, ↑enemy, ↑foe, ↑foeman, ↑opposition, ↑executive officer, ↑field marshal, ↑field-grade officer, ↑field officer, ↑FO, ↑fighter pilot, ↑flag officer, ↑flanker, ↑general, ↑full general, ↑general officer, ↑inspector general, ↑judge advocate, ↑judge advocate general, ↑lieutenant, ↑lieutenant colonel, ↑light colonel, ↑lieutenant commander, ↑lieutenant general, ↑lieutenant junior grade, ↑lieutenant JG, ↑major, ↑major-general, ↑Marine, ↑devil dog, ↑leatherneck, ↑shipboard soldier, ↑marine engineer, ↑naval engineer, ↑marshal, ↑marshall, ↑midshipman, ↑military adviser, ↑military advisor, ↑military chaplain, ↑padre, ↑Holy Joe, ↑sky pilot, ↑military leader, ↑military officer, ↑officer, ↑military policeman, ↑naval attache, ↑naval commander, ↑naval officer, ↑Navy SEAL, ↑SEAL, ↑noncommissioned officer, ↑noncom, ↑enlisted officer, ↑occupier, ↑peacekeeper, ↑provost marshal, ↑reservist, ↑sapper, ↑Section Eight, ↑serviceman, ↑military man, ↑man, ↑slacker, ↑shirker, ↑sprog, ↑spy, ↑undercover agent, ↑staff officer, ↑striker, ↑subaltern, ↑volunteer, ↑military volunteer, ↑voluntary, ↑warrant officer, ↑weekend warrior, ↑foreign aid, ↑issue, ↑military issue, ↑government issue, ↑readiness, ↑preparedness, ↑preparation, ↑military rank, ↑military rating, ↑paygrade, ↑rating, ↑flag rank, ↑spit and polish, ↑compassionate leave, ↑field day, ↑break, ↑detach, ↑quarter, ↑canton
Hypernyms: ↑force, ↑personnel
Hyponyms: ↑military reserve, ↑reserve
Member Meronyms: ↑cadre, ↑medical officer, ↑medic

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